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open my eyes, sun!

running fast towards something!

what is up ahead?

holding hands,fast kiss<3

do my hugs mean anything?

to good to be true!

the wether?!

how in the world can the weather be 79 one day then decide to change to the 20s again? this is spring!!! so mother nature needs to let it be nice out, i miss the spring thunder and the rain storms. i guess this only happens in illinos!


what does a friend mean to you?

to me they have to be loyal and honest, they have to know whats going on with your life and keep up to date on what your going threw. they have to treat you the way they want to be treated in return. your job is to do the same back so you are a true friend to them. when your friend has a problem say with a boy/girl you have to have there back and help them out. understand what they are going threw and always be there for them. the most important thing is to make them happy and injoy what you have at that time.

Hello world!

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